The truth about creativity

Due to the rapid expansion in technology development and its influence in every field of expertise, the professionals of the 21st century must shine through somehow. They must be individuals able of impressive critical thinking and expressive creativity. The latter is one of the most intriguing qualities of the human mind. Numerous books have been written about creativity, but we still see it as something foreign, under the control of few geniuses.

The reality of the matter couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have this vision in our minds that creativity is some kind of gift. You either have it or not. But, if we look back at our childhoods we’ll see we all had great capacity of imagination. So what’s the deal?

 Bottom line is, we’re all creative. Some factors in our lives and how we respond to each one of them are what shapes our creative ability in adulthood.

The most striking factor is school. When we are small children, all we ever do is ask.

Why is the sky blue?

Why chickens don’t fly?


We know nothing of the world and we want to learn everything about it. Such curiosity is an intrinsic part of creativity. The problem is that when we get to school we are discouraged to keep asking such questions. We are taught how to answer objective problems. These problems have a definite answer, so instead of going out of our ways to find a solution for it, we just memorize a formula.

Above all else, we have to follow rules. Questioning the Modus Operandi is something only the problematic students would do. So most of the students just go on memorizing things they won’t be able to remember years later. They have no idea of their creative potential.

Thus, creativity becomes this concept not understood by most and associated only with artistic endeavors. Even in the artistic field there’s often an attempt to rationalize creativity and develop a perfect means to achieve it. This, of course, is impossible. Creativity is something that cannot be put into a box and must be out of control to truly be.

The importance of creativity is in our every day lives. It is in the great enterprises, STEM fields and artistic ones. Coming out with unique solutions and correlating ideas that seem to have nothing in common is essential to new discoveries. But if creativity cannot be expressed by method, how is it developed?

Through curiosity.

Curiosity makes us ask questions, which in return make us look for answers. These answers have the power to change paradigms in every possible field of life. To find these answers, though, we have to look at things in every imaginable and unimaginable ways possible. Being creative is a matter of perception. Changing your point of view affects the outcome of your investigation.

The so called creative people are the ones who dared to think differently and look things from another perspective. And even more importantly, they stood by their ideas and invested in them.

If we want to attend the demands of the 21st century jobs, as well as make people’s lives more productive we have to change our way of thinking and talking about creativity. This must not be ignored at school, or treated as subject that follows a methodology. Instead, we just have to feed the natural human curiosity and proportionate an open space for talking and developing different perspectives. The product of creativity will come naturally.

So if you were wondering if you’re creative or not, now you have your answer.

It is all a matter of perspective.


Life pressures and how to cope

An important aspect of adulthood is starting to take responsibilities in your life. You have to deal with the pressure of finding a job and fulfilling society’s expectations of what you should be doing with your life, as well as your own expectations.

Soon you find out you’re in a very different place you thought you would be when you first envisioned the life you wanted to have.

But that’s all right. After all, no one really likes their jobs and everyone is miserable. You should just deal with it.



That is what we’re programmed to believe from the moment we step into life.
We are expected by everyone around us to deliver results in life. At school we learn tons of different subjects that are supposed to build up the knowledge we need to get into college, have a career and, of course, make money.

But often we don’t really even know what we like, and when we do, a lot of times, it is not something that brings a stable enough life, in the eyes of the people around us. We become conflicted because the ideal we’ve learned from our parents and school is a far cry from our inner wishes.

You don’t really want to become an artist, right?
You don’t want to build your own business from nothing.
You don’t want to be a gamer.
Those things aren’t a guarantee. They’re for the other people.
Those few human beings who are so lucky they can actually make a living out of those things. You should be a lawyer, or a doctor.

We hear that often, but the truth is you can make a living out of ANYTHING.
We are not supposed to be unhappy, but we act like we are. The purpose of human beings is not to deliver results like a never resting mindless machine. We are supposed to seek that which fulfills our soul. We must use our talents in the most creative way possible.

Those “other people” who are successful today had to turn their backs away from convention and go after their objectives. A lot of effort was necessary, but that is the case with the best things in life.

It is okay to not know what to do.
It is okay to walk the road less traveled.

You owe it to yourself to take the time to find out what you’re truly passionate about and go after it, no matter what expectations you think you should fulfill. We must not spend the rest of our lives doing something we hate. It will never bring the best we have to offer to the world.

So,yes,a lot of people do hate their jobs. But you shouldn’t be one of them. And for those who already are, it is never too late to change.

The ideal of conformity is not the one we should follow. We all have the right to happiness, but we’ll never reach it unless we break through all the unnecessary expectations.

So if you want to overcome society’s conformity and be free, there’s only one way to go.

Do not deal with it. Change it.